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Nourish, Move, Live: How making changes to our nutrition and fitness, with a focus on health goals, (rather than weight goals) can create sustainable lifestyle fitness changes at all stages of our lives.

Primal Movement: What are the primal movements? Why are they important? How can we incorporate them into our everyday lives? 

Mindful Eating: What is mindful eating? Why is it especially important to modern living? How can mindful eating principles be applied to everyone's lives?

Movement Snacking: What is movement snacking? How can we incorporate it seamlessly into our daily living? Why do we need to?

Digital Health: What is digital health, and why does it matter? How can we protect our wellbeing in an 'always-on' culture? 


Empowering Your Clients, Workforce & You...

Through the provision of education around health and fitness you are fulfilling a duty of care toward your employees, clients and your business/ organisation as a whole. 


As a qualified personal trainer, with a history of working in global medical nutrition and in education, I  deliver fun, engaging, interactive workshops to support  sustainable changes to  health and fitness. 

Sessions can include a variety of elements, including group work, physical activity, presentations, games, quizzes.

I can produce materials tailored to cater to organisational and individual needs.

If you would like to discuss your requirements simply get in touch with me using the contact form below, by clicking here, or email me  

(Prices reflect travel within 5 miles of B73)


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3 hour Workshop


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