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No-Bake Chocolate Brownie

The recipe dates (no pun intended!) back to around 2013 when I had to limit the dairy in my diet and become egg free whilst feeding my third baby, who responded to these allergens in my diet.

I used to write a blog called ‘Family Food’, and whilst the blog is no longer active, I saved the blog posts, images and recipes, hence I have been able to share these here today. This recipe was also recently shared on my Five a Day Cook blog.

This recipe was originally adapted from The Rawtarian website; Laura-Jane is a food genius, creating delicious raw food alternatives using healthy ingredients. I have only adapted her recipe slightly in that I use creamed coconut instead, otherwise it is pretty much exactly as she suggests.

I used Green & Blacks cocoa powder for these, because that’s what we had at home at the time, but beware it may contain traces of dairy and soya so if you need to avoid these completely you are best to opt for cacao powder instead (available online, more expensive than cocoa).


1/3 block creamed coconut, cut into pieces8tsp cocoa or cacao powder

150g dates (no stones)

150g pecans

2 tbsp runny honey or manuka honey

A handful of dried cranberries


Add the pecans to the food processor and whizz them into pieces.

Add the dates and give the mixture a good couple of minutes of mixing on a high speed (dates take a little while to process).

Add the creamed coconut, and again whizz for a couple of minutes.

Add the honey and the cocoa powder and mix to form a stiff ball.

Firmly pat the mixture down into a baking tin/ sandwich box and chill for at least 3 hours. Then slice and serve.

And that’s IT. That’s all you need to do!  It’s so delicious. A fruity way to get some of your five a day!

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