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Avoid focus on weight/ appearance if you really want to get healthy in 2024...

A focus on weight and appearance can lead to unhealthy obsessions and feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem and ultimately, a poor relationship with food, our bodies and exercise. This is just the kind of toxic climate which allows the yo-yo dieting cycle and feelings of guilt to thrive.

Why not try something different in 2024?

Alternative goals you could focus on (in combination) include:

Muscle strength

Vo2 max, aerobic capacity

Lactate, OBLA, anaerobic threshold

Blood pressure

Resting heart rate

Number of reps

Number of sets

Functional fitness

Biolelectrical impedance (internal body fat %)

Sleep quality

Energy levels

Concentration/ focus

Psychological impacts/ mood

Social impacts

Speed/ distance / time




Changes to overall health

Activities of daily living ADL

Blood cholesterol levels

🌱The Live Yourself Better approach includes a focus on a variety of the above goals, to meet your individual needs.

As a CIMSPA-accredited personal trainer, I can help you help to understand how to measure the impact of the above goals in your life.

Through my Nourish, Move, Live approach, you can reach your goals in a manageable and enjoyable way, because life is for living, right?

Contact me for a free consultation to find out how you can create sustainable, positive changes in 2024

Best wishes


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